I video-tape myself and look in the mirror and I see Kurtz in his cave(Brando and Coppola). I AM THE WIGGLY EVERYTHING! Reasons to roast short-term memory classes? The shithole is full of cash. The organic computer on Mars nullified all human milk(female abstraction). The vermin were almost killed! There's just too much of fucking dogs and genetic units unnerved by verbal Horta-Sense, bliss snakes and rotted tanks. SEE YOUR DOCTOR FROM MARS! The eternal God is underneath everlasting arms, thy time is not yet. I HAVE A BILLION THIRD-EYES! Pete Rose is the Mayor of Stupid City! The right need all the prayers they can get. Meditate. Smile when you pass the food. Say nothing about war. The door splinters inward and the dog is not your friend. I EXIST IN THE MOMENT BEFORE THE PLANE DISENTIGRATES. A future filled with the best TV static...no channels ever. MANY TIMES, LIMITED TIME...PHANTOM PROPHECY EXCLUSIONS, THE PEST OF DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT, JULY 24, 1999/PARTING PLEASURES TO ALL A NICE DAY IN THE AUTOMATIC ICE FIELDS OF DEEP UNDERSTANDING/JOURNEYS TO THE FAR SIDE OF AMERICA'S EXPIRED ENCHILADAS, HAIR OF COURAGE TO FALL OUT, A GREAT FRAME OF MIND...ALIEN VISION LOSS? The real Thin-Binge, breathing in saliva...just say illness! When should I see my doctor, Mr. Rush?! I am hearing the void clearly now. Like elavated Navy Sex, all by itself/GAZING THE IDIOT-FIRE FUCKED THE BOTTOMS MINDFUCK, THE FOOL, THE ALIENS COME TO CUNTIFY THE REALLY REAL MACHO DICKHEADS AND SMUG MONGOLOIDS! No sex in Jakarta! Do we think we are? All mammals have been tested. RELAX! My firm belief in the Plaiarism Sciences sustains me in my hours of flesh declaration! What can I do myself? The random shuffle of the papers, red/white...WILLARD WITHOUT THE RATS AND NUCLEAR NAIL FUNGUS/BURN THIS PLANET!                            Discover Earth.

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