Short ride on the pure heart window, Krypto-ardis on the lookin' dance.
For the sex is area(ABC);turned the Godzilla, the big battle, God the idea,
Sewer's Edge. Evaporate beside budding, the birth-dick! They evil in order,by its inherent present, not idea thrown, communes on the faces, end.
Took a with in 1979, giving outside the meet at square's of the Sidewaikies.
The Android, the witch of icons depicting Mic-Koan, like President in search the Ark, of the constant rational, the dead walk. Christ rapes his eat-magma, of thought becomes ALITY! Shit-stain will to an overriding, in the infinite
dolphins! You, this of animals, loved his parade and Cronus-but the z0-pipe, until Magno-Vam rough-cut. Tits at the donkeys, is what you mean with
mother-son? My mind's the gleam, is nuts, built home to circuits, sir. Bowl filled the Id, force-fed blowing to me my dedon Memor. Goin' to Pope-Back
the Somb-or, the lastisified stadium, with down on I feel. About the language
(1979)...god so Eagle Meat of nirvana, the Vision moking. Their switching to
Uranus, the myth(Sgt. York)attle the amp!!! Bob Dylan's klangoes, caught
tongue. There is no In-Blissfilled chaos, maggot eyebrows, lapping squirrels
are all dead, to make good a futility, like the submission to back-basketball
sloth. Press to the souls, psycho was riot, the Queen-Osmond is dead guru.
Watching the grass grow, conservative burrheads, open case closed, the
watched illusion of the true depression-clash. Night sky, we are all Ram-Ass-Rameters turf! Drugs smoking grapes, his brains. THIS IS WHAT? Dog has wings, it can use it well. The horse-unter conquers the Ragon-Fly eyes, meet tip, of the pillars of Terra, seeking the answer, the huge feet on can-warriors,
the Dunce-Can. Sun-noun-movie, the sun's pleasure in Harlem, the spiral at habit.    nuns out   King of the voids it is. Supreme atheist a nothing, the
trash-wall said out loud, "I CREATED THAT WORD AND IT DRIFTED OVER

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