FATE CREATORS 4 before tupperware

Now I was/within the present...of Ayn stroking Einie's cheek...INSIDE MY HEART, A HAIR GREW! Only 5 cents, a fresh cabbage leaf expands your universe for revolutionary atomic bombs. I am Venus. Or. Zeus. I am the idea of Venus. I am the knowing howl of God. I'm flat as sin.
We wait for our food to die first. It crawls out of its own evolution, yup! The habits win! Expect Jesus to suffer. What are you doing now?
Imagine all the other dead people, juice. After the Tupperware Water Sports began, snake cleaners ripped the gaudy details to Sector 5 veins! I exclaim in my panic treatments? Plums out by the image manipulation fence, yep. Kingons clutch my tasty teats! There anthropology offends cultures where hypnosis is practiced, the Will is the therapist in the West...A FACT RESTRAINS ITSELF FROM BEING.
Help my helpless Dawn. Labor with the forgotten British. The healing hands to their fate, machines? Alien Beings your immunity from Stupid Aliens, dream the nothingness of Nothing. On Mars, we call it THE DELAY. On Earth, they call it THE DONE DEAL. Follow the experts!
Where the hell is Jake Berry!? Be a better artist. It's easy! I'm an idiot! God's ovum! Liberty isn't mental health designed for comfort. IT'S UNISEX TIME TRAVEL! Tis the poop! Today the world removes the impossible/limited Time of smashed Morality Beavers! Go ahead!
The shrinking realism of Bra Fitting Week in Amerika...The ash crefts the poet, Buddha! CREATE YOUR OWN FLYING SAUCERS.
                             THE USED-CAR SALESMAN IS DEAD.
                              Plump inner space, June 19th, 1987

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